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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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done, but if we're going to be going backwards here again, do wae need to have human resources come back to us and talk to us and give us an update if they're changing policy on us? >> well, this came out of -- this should have happened months ago because if i recall right, the redevelopment agency was dissolved in, what, john, february, march? and then there was a lot to do on the union negotiations with them because they had rights. so i do think that it would not necessarily be bad in the next couple months to have an update from them and, you know, coordinate that in some of the topics that might be timely since we're going to be going into budget again. the biggest hurdle, honestly, right now the biggest hurdle is
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a software system that was designed and installed that is extremely difficult and it has some issues in business practice. in other words, when like if pamela were doing, and she'll be up here, but fa if she was doing a process it has to lack at what are the rules. this thing doesn't, it's very difficult and there's recognition all throughout the city that this has caused problems for a lot of departments and those are the kinds of things we're running into. it's not reluctance on the part of the entities to approve our requisitions, it's that they can't see the requisition in the computer because it's there but they can't see it. we're trying to
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work through that major frustration. >> commissioner lee. >> director, you can see the value of these projects are going up and if this continues again for the next quarter i can see the department being very busy and if we don't get these extra people in, we might fall behind. so i don't know if that's a concern but please keep an eye on it. >> yeah, that was my concern. that's why every time, you know, remember 6 months ago i come up with major project, that's why i foresee all these coming. but that's what we are trying to push dhr trying to help us get all these requisition. unfortunately pamela mentioned about the computer program from controller office, the system. that's why we cannot --. >> i have been on ted yamasaki about our requisitions. we
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just got some approved by the mayor's office and i'm going to talk to him tomorrow -- hope he's listening -- and recommend we figure out what's holding things up in getting things through when they can see it on their side. but i'll work with the director and we'll work with the director at human resources and nicki and ted and see. >> why don't we leave it to the president to see when we should ask dhr for an update and maybe sooner instead of later. i'll leave that up to your discretion. >> thank you, probably more sooner than later. okay, commissioners? >> i just second that. i remember this was a january decision but we knew a year and a half before that, that there was a strong possibility because it was a governor's initiative that they would come now in october and say, oh, put
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everything on hold seems a little -- their lack of planning or disingenuous. >> it's not on our radar. the director has been saying things are coming. it's not great but things are coming forward. deputy director, we understand you are doing everything you can here. >> i just wanted it point out not knowing about this was not anything that the director would know about. i mean, we didn't know about it so --. >> i understand, yeah. >> it was one of those things where we hear about it one day and that same day. i want to just give him credit for, it wasn't his --. >> it's a big mandate for us, for all the commissioners here, as commissioner melgar has been saying for the last year. >> pam, i wasn't implying you
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knew about it but i think dhr did. >> looks like i'm on my way back to dhr >> do we have public comment? >> item 8b, update on proposed legislation. >> good afternoon, commissioners, bill strong, legislative and public affairs director. make this very short and sweet. this has already been a long meeting. the one item about our permit extensions and expirations, that legislation is expected at land use in probably the middle of november so that is moving ahead as we want it to. the reference that the chief housing inspector, rosemary, made a little bit ago about david chiu's legislation on amending chapter 41 a for the apartment conversion ordinance,
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this has to do with going after especially commercial entities that may be with master leases subleasing to tourists operations that supervisor chiu is particularly anxious to stop. that legislation passed its second reading yesterday. as expected, the mayor will sign it before the end of this week, so that will actually take legal effect sometime about the time of thanksgiving. and as the chief housing inspector indicated internally she is taking the lead on preparing the various steps the department will have to take to help enforce the provisions that are in those amendments. the only other one i wanted to address is what jane said about opening the door on commercial building, we have had mis take
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a look at our list of vacant buildings which right now is just a little over 500 buildings. it looks like we have 46 on that list that would fall into this commercial category. so it's obviously a much smaller number and we'll be working with supervisors it try to refashion that draft legislation accordingly. >> just on that, it would be your interpretation this is strictly for commercial buildings? >> that's my interpretation of what she had to say. she was very keen not to put any undue burden on the department to make sure we received whatever cost recovery comes out of this. with that, i think i will stop unless you have other questions. >> thank you, don. >> 8c, update on permit tracking system.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners, hermine canto, department of building inspection. the project is on track. the core configuration is complete and we're in the build phase right now. the scripts and reports have been prioritized and they are in development. the interfaces to the core system is also being done as we speak. for the past -- during the reporting period the department of building inspection and the planning department are working closely on the design and configuration of the access. it's the web portal for the public and project tracking system or the permit and the projects so the expectation is to form a citizen advisory group which consists of members from the community which would be, you know, members that use our system, design professionals,
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contracts by professionals and also one commissioner from inspector statements. the committee is expected to be somewhere between 15 and 20 members and they will be providing input feedback comments on the user interface and providing also the user acceptance part of it. regarding the time frames when they expect the level of time, effort will be coming out shortly in the next couple of weeks. if there's any other questions on that i can answer. >> just the advisory committee. when would you like to hear back from the commission on that if there's somebody from the commission. >> as soon as possible would be great because we're trying to identify the members and within the next couple weeks the letters should go out from the department heads to the respective members. >> the department heads would send out the letters
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identifying who the different stake holders for the --. >> yes. >> for the commission. so if there's somebody from the commission here wants to put their name forward, i think it would be best to put it to sonia and we can decide if that works for the commission. do we have any idea how many times a month you will be meeting or the time frame involved? >> we are discussing that as we speak but the involvement would start in january, probably for a span of 3 months, but the details should be coming out soon. >> thank you and thank you for the update. looks like we're almost there . >> item 8d, update on other technology projects. >> hermine canto, technology department of the department of building inspection. email delivery is almost complete, we should have that shortly. we have about 40 percent of dr
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requests coming through the web right now. on the cache management system, the good news is the tax director is scheduled to go live in november, which means we will follow within a few weeks after that. this is scheduled for the last week of november for the tax collector. we did receive the hardware, the cash drawers on the units, so they are going to be installed shortly and then the training is scheduled for sometime in december. on the tablet pc's, we deployed a few tablets for the field inspectors, we did receive feedback for the service provider. we are gathering feedback and will be presenting optionsto make it better and possibly even a better service provider option to our director and deputy director in the next week, i
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would think. on the southern project, it's going fine. actually, we had a site survey from the contractor team and the architecture design team and they are putting the drawings together. hazmat survey was performed and wae do have a report on that, too. >> commissioner comments? seeing none, thank you again. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on item 8a through district of the director's report? seeing none, item 9, commissioners questions and matters. 9 a, inquiries of staff. at this time commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding specific documents, policies and procedures which are of interest to the commission. >> commissioner mar. >> i thought we were going to get an update maybe on the,
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just a sum-up of the schematic, what was wrong with the schematic and if that could be prepared for the next meeting that would be helpful also what would be the possibility of reusing that system or partially that system and also some feedback from the vendor about the problems. >> yeah, we are working on that. i intend to do it next commission meeting. >> any other items? item 9b, future meetings and agendas. at this time the commission may discuss and take actions and set the date of a special meeting and/or determine those items that can be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. the next scheduled building inspection meeting date is november 21st and the
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litigation committee needing a sketch for the day before that. i will be contacting the commissioners, that is the week of thanksgiving. we are in hopes of having a quorum. please let me know early in advance so i will know we have at least 4 people. is there any public comment on item 9, a or b >> november 21st, you say? ?oo ?a november 21 is the building inspection commission meeting. >> when is thanksgiving? >> the 23rd, i believe. it's after, but i'm just putting it out there. >> after. >> the day after would be thanksgiving. >> yes, so it's the day before. it will be a morning meeting. it's a great day for
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a meeting. we can go for beginer after. >> item 10, adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn. >> motion to adjourn. >> is there any public comment? we are now adjourned, it is 4.28 pm.thank you. (meeting
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